Opeepl Insights Solutions

Set up your own survey or use one of our templates to create the survey design that supports your insight needs.

Ad Hoc insights

Set up your individual insights study or opinion poll using our DIY survey builder. Make routings, include visuals and videos and add open-ended questions to gain the exact insights you need. Target your survey to a representative sample or a targeted subsegment anywhere in the world. Follow your insights in real-time in our interactive report tool and get complete results in hours.

Product Concept Test

Get structured consumer feedback on your new product/service concept, using our concept test template. With standardized questions generating key insights, you will get a clear feedback on key parameters such as category relevance, product/concept feedback, differentiation and purchase intention. In addition, you can compare your results to an index of other products to get an evaluation context.

Brand Tracking

Get a continuous overview of your brand's key performance indicators over time. Track the effect of marketing/brand initiatives and keep track of the closest competitors and newcomers. Compare previous data points and identify the development in your key brand metrics. Export data for integration with sales models and generate better forecasting.

Campaign Tracking

Track the performance of your marketing campaigns to ensure best possible ROI and document the effect and channel choice etc. With our tracking templates you can swiftly set up a campaign tracking with real-time continuous data points hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. With our compare function you can compare the data points to visualize the development and effects of the campaign efforts.

Special Assignments

Our technology can be utilized in numerous ways generating unique insights. If you have an idea or request for generating insights in a new way utilizing our technology, reach out and let’s discuss the possibilities.