Agile Mobile Technology

Our technology lets you interact with a true global audience of consumers.
Agile. Easy. Fast.

How does it work?

Intuitive Setup Interface

Set up your survey in our intuitive interface. Select audience and initiate

Mobile Data Gathering

We approach global consumers via mobile tech. Ensuring massive reach in hours

Real-Time Reporting

Analyse your insights in our reporting tool. Add filters and toggle charts to highlight key results

Our Technology

True Global Reach

With our proprietary Dynamic Sampling technology you can access consumers anywhere in the world. Utilizing the power of volume, we sample live amongst the 2 billion global app users, enabling us to deliver sample on any target group with virtually no panel/reach limitations.


Mobile penetration has surpassed computers and the global consumer is going mobile. Opeepl's respondent interface is 100% mobile and ensures the best possible interaction with the respondent in their natural mobile habitat.

Live Sampling

We generate a new sample for every survey, with no use of (worn down) panels. Consider our approach a next generation CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing). With live-sampled respondents, we ensure unbiased and fresh consumer opinions. By enabling exactly the same methodology globally, we ensure high data consistency across all markets and surveys.

How we do it?

We do things a bit differently to keep the insight process lean and agile

Setup & Pricing

Set up your survey directly in our survey builder and calculate your price. Review and approve and your survey takes off. If you need help building the survey or have questions with regard to question formulations our team is ready to help you.

Data gathering

Pick the country, regions and number of interviews in our survey builder. Our system automatically delivers to you the specified sample. If in doubt about the number of interviews, our team can give you recommendations.

Results & Analysis

Visualize your insights in our report tool and become your own insights consultant. Add filters, sort results or make PDF and Excel exports - everything with just a few clicks. We are not consultants, but would happily guide you on how to analyze the insights yourself.

Contact Us and Get a Consultation

We want to help you find an appropriate solution for your case.